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Platinum Star IP Partners, LLC (PSIPP)

Platinum Star IP Partners is applying the latest blockchain technologies to improve  the world's climate and to mitigate Greenhouse Gas emissions from agricultural and industrial processes.

PSIPP assists the Farming, Ranching, Manufacturing, Entertainment, Transportation, Extraction, Waste Management and Reclamation Industries with the creation and acquisition of cost effective and verifiable Carbon Offsets.

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Platinum Star's Services

Platinum Star logo.png  Carbon Credit Generation

Platinum Star has the team and the tools to help your company develop a sustainable, verifiable, valuable carbon credit program. Our unique approach to carbon credit generation allows businesses to easily verify the process and practices used to create their carbon offsets. Buyers of carbon offsets from the Platinum Star market can have confidence that the credits they are purchasing are valid.


co2coin.png Carbon Credit Marketing

CO2COIN.pngPlatinum Star's patent pending system creates quality carbon credits from various sources that carbon credit consumers can easily verify. Those credits are marketed on our proprietary trading blockchain-based platform as a CO2COIN. Each CO2COIN represents one metric tonn of carbon dioxide emissions (1 mTCO2e).

Our blockchain allows companies, brokers, carbon credit creators and consumers to easily buy, sell, trade and retire offsets.


co2pon.png  Carbon Credit Bartering

CO2PON.pngPlatinum Star has developed an innovative barter system within our proprietary blockchain. Our CO2PON program allows farmers, manufacturers, and other carbon credit creators to trade their credits directly for needed goods and services from suppliers needing to offset their carbon footprint.


  • Make your company more environmentally friendly
  • Create valuable carbon credits
  • Buy, sell, trade or barter credits

Platinum Star is here to make it happen. Contact us here.

Customization Services Available

Platinum Star will analyze your existing processes and work with your team to customized our blockchain data acquisition methods to make it simple to gather the information needed create your carbon offsets. Whether you need personalized input screens to collect your data, direct access to our blockchain API or something else, our experienced software developers are available to accommodate your needs.

Current Carbon Offset Prices


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