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PSIPP’s Mission Statement

Platinum Star IP Partners will bring a wealth of health back to Mother Earth and all of her environments, our animal kingdom, and most of all, our human family.

What We Do

Platinum Star IP Partners helps you create, validate, acquire and market valuable carbon credits.

  • Consulting services to help integrate your processes into our patent pending system
  • Consulting services to assist in acquiring carbon credits to meet your sustainability goals
    • Help with purchasing carbon credits (see CO2COIN below)
    • Help in bartering goods and services for needed offsets (see CO2PON below)
  • Track your farming or manufacturing process, inputs and outputs to create carbon credits
  • Certification of "green" products needed as input for manufacturing and farming operations
  • Verification and Validation of carbon credits
  • Marketing, trading and retiring carbon offsets

Our Innovative Approach

Our beginnings focused on the agricultural community, their suppliers and their customers. Our services promote corporate responsibility through verifiable sustainability practices enhancing both brand value and bottom-line profits. Using best practices and our innovative tracking system, farms are able to reduce their greenhouse gas footprint, grow he produce needed to feed the world, and create valuable carbon credits.

Platinum Star has branched out to other manufacturing and industries to incorporate their emissions reduction processes into our system. We are able to track and verify that your greenhouse gas reduction, providing enhanced confidence that your carbon credits are real and valid.

Carbon Credit Creation

The Platinum Star marketing platform is both versatile and easy to use. Out patent pending processed ensure that the required information is collected to ensure that your carbon offsets are valid and verifiable. Our software team can develop custom data entry screens that interface seamlessly into our tracking system, or we can tap into your system utilizing your existing APIs to incorporate the needed data. From our tracking system, carbon credit purchasers are able to ensure that all protocols and processes have been followed so that the carbon offsets are real. [See the Interpol paper on carbon fraud]

Every carbon credit is tied back to where and how it was created. Purchasers can be ensured to the validity of the credits they are purchasing.

Carbon Credit Marketing

Platinum Star's blockchain-based marketing system allows carbon credit creators to easily sell their credits. Or, creators can barter their credits for needed products and services.

  • co2coin.png

CO2COINs represent one carbon credit in our marketing system. These may be bought, sold and traded. When an end user decides to retire the carbon credit to apply them to their emissions, our market will remove the carbon credit so that it may be verified, but no longer bought or sold.

  • co2pon.png

Companies that sell goods and services and need to offset emissions, our CO2PONs may be obtained from our marketing platform directly from the creators in exchange for your products and services. Your customers need your products and services, you nee carbon credits tp offset your emissions. Why not barter?

Retroactive Carbon Credits

Using Platinum Star protocols, retroactive agricultural carbon offsets may potentially be available today because of your mitigation efforts in the past. Let Platinum Star consult with your environmental team to look for potential carbon credits you may not know you have already created.

Business Advantages

  • Your carbon offset value may increase
  • Complete and transparent tracking of agricultural or manufacturing processes: inputs, outputs, practices, procedures, protocols and carbon credit production
  • Tracking of offsets from creation and trading through to retirement
  • Offsets tied back to how and where they are created. Inputs tied back to manufacturer
  • For agricultural, offsets can be tied to farm or organic material source used in the creation of credits – may confer property rights to carbon credits (instead of a contract right) to farm credits

Building Sustainable Business Strategies

  • Enhance and protect brand
  • Mitigate negative impact of increased government regulation
  • Corporations can leverage their “Sustainability Agenda” for Strategic Advantage
  • Increase brand value