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Reducing greenhouse gas emissions with patented technology generating certified carbon credits.

Climate change in the form of global warming is a threat to mankind. Evidence suggests that reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is the key to stopping global warming. The four main GHGs are:

Corporations continue to modify operations to reduce GHG emissions, otherwise known as the "carbon footprint". International guidelines have been established to track reductions in a companies carbon footprint. In essence, each company has an established baseline carbon footprint synonymous with business as usual. Reductions in this carbon footprint is compared to the baseline and improvements result in carbon credits. Consequently, compliance and voluntary carbon markets have been established to allow corporations to trade carbon credits.

Our cloud-based technologies can assist a company with a digital accounting of their carbon emission baseline and subsequent reductions and associated carbon credits. Blockchain technology is used to provide a digital, transparent, robust method to account for carbon credits from creation to retirement and all transactions in between. Are you in one of these industries?

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Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Our Innovative Approach

Our services promote corporate responsibility through verifiable sustainability practices enhancing both brand value and bottom-line profits. For example, farms that use sustainable best practices that reduce GHG emissions without adversely affecting crop yields can use our innovative tracking system to quantify carbon credits.

Voluntary carbon trading platforms or exchanges facilitate the buying and selling of carbon credits.

Our carbon credit accounting system is designed to handle a wide range of industries with varying business models. Our methodology allows the highest level of security and confidence is tracking, validating and verifying a company's GHG reduction, carbon offset creation and trading. The use of blockchain technology minimizes the risk of fraud; thereby, increasing the value of the carbon credits.

Carbon Credit Creation

Everyone is responsible for their own carbon footprint and as such should strive to minimize that footprint as a way of life. In the corporate world, where profit is essential for survival, carbon offsets can help the bottom line and improve a company's corporate governance rating. Changes in business operations to attain carbon offsets is now an investment that has resulted in creation of Voluntary Carbon Trading markets. This allows a good corporate citizen to be compensated for reducing GHG emissions. Our Carbon trading platform is both versatile and easy to use. The platform is based on a patented process that verfies the validity of each carbon offset. Our software team develops custom data entry screens that interface seamlessly into our tracking system, or if the customer desires we can utilize customer existing APIs to incorporate the needed data. Our technology tracks each carbon credit from creation to retirement, providing transparency to potential carbon credit purchasers regarding all protocols and processes. This methodology enhances carbon credit value within the Voluntary Carbon Market.

Carbon Credit Creation
Bususiness Advantages

Business Advantages